Halloween Ghost Cupcakes ★★★

In time for Halloween, I will be making Ghost Themed Cupcakes. The look of these is bound to excite on your table at your Halloween parties. Or if your feeling extra generous, as treats for all your trick or treaters in the evening. Suitable for children and adults alike with a sweet tooth. The hidden surprise is bound to thrill! These ghost cupcakes were a delight to make as well as eat! To make these fun ghosts, you will need to make any flavour cupcake you wish, I made lemon flavoured cupcakes, but you could use other flavours. I used jelly sweets to make the ghosts heads, but you could use cherries instead, and ready-to-roll icing for the ghostly covering.


100 grams of Unsalted Butter

100 grams of Caster Sugar

2 Eggs, at room temperature

1 medium Lemon

100 grams of Self-Raising Flour

Strawberry Jam

Icing Sugar for dusting

Round Shaped Jelly Sweets, I used fruit pastilles

450 grams of ready-to-roll White Sugar Paste icing.

Black icing pen


1. Preheat the oven to 190 °C/ 375 °F/ Gas 5.  Put the soft butter and sugar into your mixing bowl.  Add the eggs.


2. Grate the zest from the lemon. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice from one half. Measure two teaspoons of your lemon juice into the mixing bowl. (Save the rest to add to a drink or fruit salad.) Add the flavour to the bowl, then mix everything together very well with the wooden spoon or an electric mixer.


3. Spoon the mixture into your paper cases in your muffin trays so they are evenly filled. Place the trays into your preheated oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until golden brown and well risen. To test if the muffins are cooked, use the skewer test on a muffin that is placed in the certain of your muffin tray; if necessary, bake for two more minutes, then test again.


4. Wearing oven gloves, remove the tray from the oven and set it on a heat proof surface to cool for 5 minutes. Transfer the cupcakes to the wire rack and leave to cool.


5. When your ready to decorate the cupcakes, prepare your strawberry jam.  Peel off the paper cases, and set the cupcakes upside down on a serving plate or board. Use a kitchen knife to spread a thick layer of jam across the top of your cupcake.


6. Stick a jelly sweet on top in the middle of your layer of jam. For this, I was using fruit pastille sweets so layered one on top of the other, sandwiched together with more jam. The way you do this is really dependent on what sweets you have got.


7. Lightly sprinkle the worktop with icing sugar, then roll out the white icing to a large rectangle, slightly thinner than a pound coin. Using a saucer or plate as a guide, cut out circles of icing with a kitchen knife. And knead the icing scrapes into a ball, and roll out again to cut more circles until you have enough to cover each of your cupcakes.


8. Drape a circle of white icing over each cupcake so that it looks like a sheet covered ghost (refer to image). Now decorate the ghosts as you wish, I used a black icing pen and experimented with drawing on different faces. However, you could use currants or play around with different colours and sweets


These were great fun to make and also were a little bit of challenge because they are a bit fiddly. It is a good bake to make if you want to practice your decorating skills and come out with a worthy result.  Everyone enjoyed tucking into these Halloween treats and loved the icing and the ‘hidden sweets’.


Happy Baking!



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